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Studio Etiquette


If you miss the warm up at the beginning of class you cannot take part. The warm up is the most important part as it prepares your body for the physical activity and helps to prevent injury. If you miss the warm up you may watch the class and takes notes.


No Jewellery

 to be worn during class. Please remove all items or cover up belly/other piercings with a plaster.


Please do not apply moisturiser/lotions/oils

 on the day of your class as this can make the pole become slippery which endangers yourself and others.



 If you have any injuries or limitations please tell your instructor. If you injure yourself during class please let your instructor know immediately. Please do not ignore or hide any injuries as you will put yourself further at risk.


Strictly NO ALCOHOL 

or drugs before or during your class. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will be asked to leave.


Staying safe in class  

Our main priority is your safety, safety must come first! If you don't feel safe attempting a move ask your instructor to spot you. If you don't understand the instruction ask for another demonstration. If you feel confident attempting a new move without a spotter use the crash mats provided. Know your limits. Don't attempt any move you haven't received instruction for. Please do not attempt to instruct, if you figure out a tip please share with the class but don't try to instruct or correct others. Communicate with your instructor, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't. Tell your instructor and they will help make it right. Always be cautious, think about every movement you are making and take it slow. Overconfidence can cause accidents. Stay safe.


Listen to your instructor  

throughout class, make sure you hear each instruction. If you arrive early and there is another class on please do not interrupt the lesson. Please do not arrive more than 10 mins early.



wear tight fitting shorts and a t-shirt/vest, for females please wear a sports bra. No loose fitting shorts or tops.


Keep hydrated 

water is available at the studio however we encourage you to bring your own bottle too.



whilst we encourage you to capture your progress through pictures and videos, please be considerate of others in your class, ask their permission to be in your photos, they may not wish to be in photo's or videos that may be uploaded to social media. All photo's/videos taken by any employee of Apsara Dance remain the property of Apsara Dance and may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be in any promotional photo's/videos please let us know.