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Terms & Conditions



When purchasing any class it is your responsibility to attend that class.

If you cannot attend for whatever reason and you do not cancel within the notice period you will forfeit that lesson. 

By making payment you agree to our Terms and will be bound by them.



You must be 18+ years of age to join our classes

You must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire prior to your first class 

If you have any medical condition you know would be detrimental to your health you must seek advice from your medical practitioner before taking part in our physical exercise

Every time you enter the studio you declare you have no known medical condition that would be detrimental to your health. If in any doubt, seek medical advice



Pay as you go


Group - £10 pp

Exotic - £10 pp

Lyrical - £10 pp

Stretch - £7.50 pp

1 person private     - £30 per hour

2 person private     - £40 per hour

3-6 person private  - £60 per hour







Basic      ~ £35 per month ~ 1 x Group lesson per week

Semi-Pro ~ £55 per month ~ 1 x Group lesson + 1 x Stretch class per week

Pro         ~ £135 per month ~ 1 xGroup class + 1 x Private class per week

VIP        ~ £155 per month ~ 1 x Group class + 1 x Private + 1 x Stretch per week





We want you to have complete understanding of our terms before you make payment so please contact us if you have any questions at all. We are happy to help :)